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Soccer club “Dynamo Moscow”

No less famous, among fans of watch soccer, Moscow soccer club, which not only has in its arsenal a lot of victories and titles, but also recently, together with Spartak, showed all the fans what “the color of the mood yellow” means. But despite such an exemplary match, Dynamo is not Moscow’s hand-to-hand combat team, but is famous for its soccer game - and this is perfectly proven by example, especially if you look at the club’s achievements in the Russian Football Championship.

Футбольный клуб Динамо

At the moment this FC has 20 points and is in the 3rd place in the standings - the higher place over CSKA predetermined the outcome of the face-off between the two teams, which ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of the “blue” (not in the sense of drinking) Muscovites.

Thanks to its confident game, Dynamo managed to secure good results, and therefore still has a chance to compete for the championship with Zenit and “Sochi”, the difference in points with them is equal to one and three. During the tournament Dynamo managed to beat “Ufa” in a close match with the score 3:2, “Rostov” dry, scoring 2 goals, the above-mentioned “CSKA”, “Ural”, “Rubin”, and even “Sochi”.

However, there were also losses: the Moscow team lost to “Krylia Sovetov”, “Nizhny Novgorod”, and “Akhmat”. The most surprising thing about these losses is that these teams are located much lower in the standings and have worse results than Dynamo.

History of Dynamo Football Club

By the way, speaking about the history of such a famous club - it is full of a huge number of both grandiose victories and humiliating defeats, and for almost 100 years of existence this team managed to undergo a lot of significant changes. Players have come and gone, coaches have changed - some changes were in favor of the sports club, and some, on the contrary, only aggravated the situation in the team.

Nevertheless, looking back at the beginning of the team’s existence on the professional stage (which, by the way, happened in 1923), we can unequivocally state - without all this rich history, Dynamo Moscow would never have become the club that Russian fans know now. And only the weak do not change with the passage of time - Dynamo proved it perfectly by example, taking prizes in the Championships of Russia and the USSR, as well as taking the championship in the NFL.

And of course, where can we go without famous sportsmen, thanks to whom Dynamo became what it is now - for the whole history of the club there was really a huge number of them, but we will single out only the best soccer players of the new time, who conquered the hearts of the fans with their game:

  • Denis Kolodin
  • Luke Wilkshire
  • Igor Semshov
  • Danny
  • Coach Viktor Prokopenko
  • Derley
  • Jovan Tanasijevic

Обзор футбольной команды Динамо

Nevertheless, there is no way to make mistakes now - if Dynamo still want to become the champion team, then in the next matches they will have to fight against the strong Krasnodar, not to lose against Khimki, and also to give a fight to the current grandees in the face of Zenit St. Petersburg.

We think that Dynamo will definitely not miss the opportunity to become the best of the best - therefore, let’s hope for a beautiful game of the guys and new achievements in their trademark style!

Where to watch Dynamo matches today?

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Where can I see Dynamo Moscow match schedule?

You can always find Dynamo calendar on our portal and see all the upcoming games you would like to watch. We always try to update all the information in advance so that you can be aware of all the important sporting events. Everyone is looking forward to Dynamo matches, as well as any other RPL team, and we make sure that you don’t miss them!

Where are Dynamo matches streamed?

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How are Dynamo Moscow playing now?

The team is feeling pretty good lately, they are trying to show good results, and what can be said, Dinamo matches have become much more interesting to watch. They have strengthened the squad a bit, the coaching staff has become more conscious, which resulted in good results that the club is showing for all the fans.

Where does Dynamo Moscow play matches?

It’s probably no secret that Lev Yashin is a legend of the club and played a lot of matches in the frame of Dynamo. In his honor, the club’s stadium was named after him - the Lev Yashin Dynamo Stadium. It accommodates more than 26,000 fans, who gladly fill the stands to support their favorite team! Dynamo matches gather a lot of spectators and, believe me, deservedly so.