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Every devoted fan wants to enjoy watching matches of his favourite football team, but not everyone has the opportunity to get to the stadium and watch the competition live. Busy work schedule, traffic jams, lack of free finances - all this should not prevent you from enjoying watching your favourite game.

So popular nowadays internet resources broadcasting the competition in real time and sports TV channels come to the rescue. Of course, it is nice to enjoy a match in hd quality and immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of a beautiful professional game. However, and here is not without a spoonful of tar - all these resources require you to pay for a subscription, and to watch a football match for free, you have to struggle to find the appropriate resource.

live football broadcasts

Subscription can cost differently, but the average cheque per month is about 300 rubles. Not the most fabulous money, but still unpleasant. Either pay, or search in terrible quality and with a lot of adverts on some free resource, which are becoming fewer and fewer. But! There is a way out.

What kind of broadcasts we offer?

You already know that we are happy to broadcast matches of the Russian Premier League. But we decided not to stop there. We are launching broadcasts in several new tournaments, and you will obviously enjoy looking at their line-ups:

  • APL (England);
  • Serie A (Italy);
  • Bundesliga (Germany);
  • Primera (Spain);
  • Champions League;
  • Europa League.

The main emphasis, of course, is on the matches of the Russian championship. We try to broadcast all the games in each round. Obviously, the top matches require special attention, so our users will always be able to watch football online: “Derby of All Russia”, clashes between the capital and southern teams, battles of Zenit against the top clubs in the RPL, as well as key survival matches.

As for the new tournaments, here too we will provide broadcasts of the most exciting and interesting matches. Special attention will be paid to the last rounds of the championships, when the fate of residence for the next season will be decided, as well as victories in the leagues. You will be able to watch football online for free in the most interesting moments of the season. We also plan to show the Eurocups both in the group stage and play-offs, along with the key matches of the semi-finals and final. The quality of the broadcasts will be the same as for the RPL matches: you will watch football in the highest resolution.

How do I watch football for free?

BC 1win offers online football streaming to all registered users. You can watch not only football, but also tennis, snooker, basketball and many other sports. For fans of cyber sports, 1win offers broadcasts of competitions in the major eSport disciplines. Watch your favourite team’s matches in good quality and pay no monthly fee!

football broadcasts online for free

How to access?

To access the free online broadcasts you just need to register on the 1win bookmaker’s website. There are 4 easy ways to do this:

  1. Register via email. Enter your email address and follow the link to activate your personal account.
  2. Create an account in 1 click. This is the fastest way, requiring you to specify your country and preferred currency. The rest of the information can be filled in later.
  3. The third way is to log in using an existing social media account. Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Google profiles are suitable for this purpose.
  4. In addition, you can use your mobile phone number to register. So far, this method is only available to Russian citizens.


Our service was created with one idea: to allow users to watch football broadcasts online for free. We did not imply special subscriptions for money, by which players could watch football today in higher quality, or get other privileges - for example, to watch football online broadcasts for top matches. That’s why our users are equal - everyone can watch football in a single match card and have the same opportunities to access broadcasts.

Register on the site

To watch online football broadcasts, you will need to place a single bet or simply make a deposit. The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles, which, you may agree, is much less than a monthly subscription to a sports channel. Plus, with a successful bet, watching a match will bring not only emotions, but also finances. Even with a minimum deposit amount, each registered player has unlimited access to watching broadcasts.

How to make a deposit?

Making a deposit is not difficult at all, there are over 10 instant deposit options available on the site. For example, bank cards, e-money Qiwi Wallet and Yandex.Money, accounts of popular mobile operators and much more.

We have prepared for you a small instruction for depositing:

  1. After completing registration, click on the “Deposit in 1 click” button. Deposit in any way convenient for you, and the money will be instantly credited to your game account.
  2. To view the match you are interested in, go to the Live tab and select the match you are interested in, if it is available for broadcasting, it will be marked with a special symbol.
  3. Click on the match and a window with the broadcast will open, which you can expand and watch in full screen mode in good quality.

Thus, with a one-time deposit you can watch an unlimited number of matches for free. However, we believe that it is much more interesting to watch the online broadcast by betting on the outcome of the match. In case you want to place a bet, use the coupon on the right side of the screen.

watch football with bonus

Why is it better to deposit?

BC 1win offers a welcome bonus for the first deposit, which increases the deposited amount by 200%. This is a lucrative offer that will not only allow you to enjoy watching an interesting broadcast and cheering on your favourite team in the Premier League, but also earn money on betting!

Pros and cons of broadcasting on our website

The most obvious advantage of watching football through our service is having access to games in high quality. We try to cover all possible games in each round of the declared championships, and this will give you the opportunity to watch football online in different leagues and almost every day. We pay special attention to European Cup meetings, because today it is difficult to find football broadcasts of the Champions League and Europa League in normal quality in free access. We are ready to broadcast these games for you and provide you with uninterrupted viewing of online matches.

Another plus is that you can watch football broadcasts online absolutely free of charge. For the current time this is a great privilege: not every service is able to show football online matches in good quality. Of particular value is online live football broadcasts for your favourite teams, and our site has a special option: choose a team and open a list of available broadcasts on it.

We also offer:

  • Easy site navigation;
  • Technical support for any questions you may have;
  • A blog with football news and much more.

As for disadvantages - users do not note negative features. Some may sometimes have problems, but most often it depends on the quality of the user’s Internet connection. Therefore, before watching the game, we recommend to carefully check the connection and perform diagnostics to avoid technical failures and errors. Our service has no other disadvantages, so we are very pleased to invite you and other new users to watch exciting matches in the best championships and tournaments of the world!

Watch football online for free