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Lokomotiv Football Club

Another soccer club from Moscow, formed since the days of the Soviet Union and to this day continues to delight fans from all over the country, and even the world, with their successes and achievements on the professional sports scene. Watch soccer Lokomotiv has always been a pleasure for fans, because the team shows a really good level. Understandably, it did not do without offensive defeats, but the club more often pleased its fans with pleasant victories, rather than vice versa.

“Lokomotiv” has always been a serious player in the confrontation of Russian soccer teams, and from year to year this club proves its importance in this arena, fighting to the last with all opponents that get in the way of the Muscovites. Confirmation of this thesis can be found by simply looking at the table of the best teams in the Russian Football Championship: at the moment Lokomotiv is among the top 5 best teams in the tournament, which is not surprising, because a lot of money has always been invested in the team, and the coaching staff has always been at the highest level.

Today we will talk about where you can watch Lokomotiv matches, as well as briefly understand the history of the club and touch upon the main achievements of the team!

 Футбольный клуб Локомотив

History of Lokomotiv soccer club

However, the history of this soccer club is much richer - the mere fact that this is one of the oldest of the existing soccer clubs in modern Russia, makes you feel respect for its players. Originally formed in 1922, the team was called “Kazanka” and was named in honor of the Moscow-Kazan railroad. Other teams were also involved in the formation of future champions of many tournaments - another “Kazanka”, and the “October Revolution Club”. In 1936, the club won the USSR Cup - its first trophy - and over time underwent a huge number of changes, including names, before becoming known to everyone as “Lokomotiv”.

Today the team plays under head coach Markus Gisdol and is ranked 44th in the ranking of teams according to the UEFA list.

  • Jacob Lekheto
  • Branislav Ivanovic
  • Dmitry Loskov
  • Rodolfo
  • Sergei Ovchinnikov
  • Vadim Evseev

Обзор футбольного клуба Локомотив

Lokomotiv: recent matches and team form

Despite the fact that Lokomotiv always tries to hold matches at a high level, they do not always succeed. In the RPL the team feels quite confident and it was almost always so, they could easily deal with the outsiders of the championship and always gave a decent fight to serious rivals like CSKA, Spartak, Dynamo and other legendary clubs RPL.

Lokomotiv’s game is much worse in European cups, where the team has rarely achieved any impressive results, and lately you can’t see Lokomotiv matches against European teams at all. But despite this, the fans have already seen many examples that it is definitely possible, and even necessary, to cheer for Lokomotiv - and therefore the games involving this club promise to be as interesting as possible. We believe in our guys, and we are sure that they can still make a sensation - that’s why we will cheer for them with our hearts and means!

Lokomotiv: Triumph matches and major achievements

As we mentioned earlier, Lokomotiv always played matches at the highest level. The team tried to win as many trophies as possible to please their fans and at one time they were able to do it extremely well! Of the most significant achievements that conquered the club, we can accurately note the following: champion of Russia (2002, 2004, 2018), winner of the Super Cup of Russia (2003, 2005, 2019), 1/8 in the UEFA Champions League (2003/04).

We can definitely say that with their merits, the club has achieved that thousands of fans are looking for Lokomotiv calendar not to miss the matches of their favorite team, but where can you see Lokomotiv game schedule and not miss their matches online? We have an answer that will make you happy!

Where to watch Lokomotiv schedule and games?

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Where is Lokomotiv playing matches now?

You can always watch Lokomotiv games at their stadium, which is located in Moscow. If you want to see the team play live, then buy tickets and come to the RZD Arena, it seats over 27,000 fans, which creates an incredible atmosphere during the game that you can’t help but enjoy.

Where to see Lokomotiv schedule?

If you are looking for when Lokomotiv will play their upcoming matches, 1win BC could be the solution. They always cover a lot of championships around the world, so you can always find what you’re looking for, including the Lokomotiv calendar, where you’ll find all the dates you need, where you can’t miss RPL matches!

Who is the top scorer at FC Lokomotiv at the moment?

The history of the club from Moscow is quite long and during this time in the team managed to play quite a lot of famous players who scored important goals and helped to win Lokomotiv matches. The best of the best for all time was Dmitri Loskov, who managed to score 128 goals and proudly holds the place of the best goal scorer of the team to this day.

How does FC Lokomotiv’s calendar look like now?

FC Lokomotiv’s calendar is not too tight at the moment due to the lack of European competitions, but despite this you can still enjoy the team’s matches in the RPL, Russian Cup and other competitions. It is also worth noting the fact that the team is developing every day and trying to reach the former heights, so who knows, maybe in the future we will again be able to see Lokomotiv matches against European teams at the highest level!