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Perhaps the weakest of the previously described soccer clubs that we are currently participating in the Russian Football Championship - only soccer club Ufa is able to compete with Rostov in terms of the smallest number of points in the standings. The club has faced a number of difficulties, which we can see if we look at Rostov matches they have played in the last few seasons. Although the team doesn’t lose every match out of hand, they clearly lack stability. The game strategy is noticeable, but there are too few winning results. Watch soccer the team has become difficult due to some poor coaching decisions.

At the same time, it’s hard enough to say why Rostov show such an unimpressive game compared to other teams - however, we can already say for sure that the championship in this championship they will definitely not see, although here you can argue, because there is little to stop them. Now FC Rostov is doing extremely well and if they improve their confidence in the game and realization, they will again conquer all the tops of the RPL.

Before we find out where we can see the FC Rostov match schedule, we need to know about the history of this great club, so right now we offer to familiarize ourselves with it.

Футбольный клуб “Ростов”

History of Rostov Football Club

Founded in 1930 by a team of builders from the Rostselmash plant, FC Rostov has never been a star-studded team - in fact, the best result achieved by the club in its rich history was second place in the Russian Championship in the 2015-16 season. Nevertheless, the team has always been a tough mid-table side, capable of giving battle to top teams as well, but at the same time losing to specific outsiders. Rostov’s game sometimes resembles a roller coaster - the ups are constantly followed by downs, and constant changes of coaches and players seemingly fail to produce the proper results. Nevertheless, it is too early to despair - under the auspices of the club’s head coach, Zaur Tedeev, the team still has every chance to prove themselves on the professional stage and prove to themselves and the fans that “underdogs” can sometimes make history.

Even a club so unimpressive in terms of consistency in achievements has its stars - and for such an extensive period of time has managed to become home to a lot of great players, the best of which we will tell you about below:

  • Matthew Booth
  • Timofey Kalachev
  • Christian Noboa
  • Dmitry Kirichenko
  • Cesar Navas
  • Stipe Pletikosa

Обзор футбольного клуба “Ростов”

Rostov: recent matches

Whatever the case may be, it is impossible to call Rostov total outsiders - banally for the reason, FC “Ufa” Rostov have a chance to show a great game in the upcoming matches, Because as we have already mentioned, the team now looks pretty good and it lacks as if the last spurt to be at the top of the RPL table again. And it’s impossible not to follow such interesting matches, so if you like RPL watch online, then we have an offer for you!

Where to watch Rostov matches?

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How has Rostov been performing lately?

If we take into account that Rostov is not the last team in the RPL, which is used to show excellent results, then they are not doing very well at the moment. Rostov FC matches are very uncertain, which can be seen first of all in the players, athletes as if they do not know what to do and because of this the club can not reach the former heights, although they can still do it.

How often does Rostov play matches?

Rostov, like any other RPL club, takes part in the regular season, as well as in other tournaments, for example, in the Russian Cup. Despite this, FC Rostov’s calendar of games is not so tight due to the lack of games in European competitions.

Where can I see FC Rostov match schedule?

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Who is the top scorer in all Rostov FC matches?

Aleksandr Maslov is a great footballer who gave more than one year of his career to play matches for FC Rostov. He showed an incredible level of play, for which he is deservedly a legend of the club and most likely for more than one year, if not a decade to come. He managed to score as many as 97 goals, which allows him to confidently secure the first place among the team’s goal scorers.