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Rubin is a truly legendary club from the RPL, which managed to achieve different results and even win trophies. Many fans still warmly remember their matches against the legendary Barcelona, where the team from Russia was able to give a good rebuff to the Spaniards. Watch soccer team does not stop and now, which is not surprising, because the team and before performing at a decent level perfectly showing themselves in the RPL. Rubin matches gather around themselves a huge number of fans and there is nothing surprising in this.

But before we look at the Rubin calendar, it’s worth remembering where it all started and how Rubin began its journey in Russian soccer!

Rubin: matches or where it all began

Rubin Football Club from Kazan is one of the most popular soccer clubs in Russia. Founded in the early 1930s at the Gorbunov defense plant, the club took part in the RSFSR championship only in 1948. The club was officially founded in 1958, when it entered the USSR championship in the status of masters.

Рубин последние матчи

From the beginning of its existence Rubin demonstrated stable results, occupying high positions in the standings of the Volga championship. In 1965 the team changed its name to Rubin and in 1966 made a successful debut in class “A”, taking fifth place.

Rubin’s last matches before triumph.

The club faced difficulties in 1971, including changes to the main squad and relegation from the first league. However, in 1974, Rubin Matches started playing in the First League again and over time achieved various successes.

The turning point was 1996, when the mayor of the city became the club’s patron. In 2001, Kurban Berdyev came to the post of head coach, under whose leadership Rubin entered the Premier League in 2002. In 2003 FC Rubin played quite well and won bronze medals of the Russian championship.

Under Berdyev’s leadership, Rubin reached new heights, becoming Russian champions in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. In 2012, the club also won the Super Cup of Russia, defeating Zenit. These successes and allowed Rubin to participate in European cups, where they also showed a good level reaching the quarterfinals. Also an important moment in the history of the club was the 2011/12 season, when Rubin again became the champion of Russia. The club continues to attract the attention of soccer fans with its achievements and stability in Russian top-flight soccer.

Where to watch Rubin matches online?

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Where does Rubin play their matches?

Rubin play their matches at their home stadium, which has become a real fortress for the team. They were able to achieve a lot there and that is why for many fans this place is associated with something warm. The Ak Bars Arena is ready to accommodate 45,379 fans, which is quite a good number for the RPL.

Where can I see the FC Rubin calendar?

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How has Rubin been doing in recent matches?

Hardly anyone will want to argue with the fact that Rubin’s recent matches have been lackluster. The team doesn’t have the confidence that has followed them almost all the time. Despite this, the fans are looking forward to the next meetings with the club and are ready to support them until they win!

Who is FC Rubin’s top scorer?

Considering the fact that Rubin has always played fairly close games, even the club’s most star players haven’t scored much. Karadeniz managed to score 39 goals even with this style of play, which makes him the team’s top scorer in the RPL at the moment.