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Soccer club “Sochi”

Far from the last in importance and results on the professional scene - is the Sochi soccer team with the same name. “Sochi” are one of the main favorites of both the Russian Football Championship, and the hearts of many fans - because watching the game of this sports team sometimes brings sheer pleasure. And the success of the Sochi club is provable not only in words, but also in deeds - because in the current situation, the club occupies an honorable second place in the tournament, behind the current favorites in the form of St. Petersburg from Zenit just two points.


Now it is quite difficult to talk about the form of the team, because Sochi matches are extremely uncertain, even despite the fact that this is a fairly strong team from the RPL. Watch soccer with the participation of this team is often interesting, because the coaching staff is trying to build a fairly interesting model of the game, but before we learn FC Sochi schedule, we will talk about the history of this club, and after that we will see where you can not only RPL watch online, but also earn good money on it!

History of Soccer Club “Sochi”

The youngest club of all the previously listed - formed from the previously disbanded Dynamo St. Petersburg, the young team immediately from 2018 began to gain momentum. Despite losing the first official game to Spartak at the beginning of the season - then Sochi lost to the Muscovites with a score of 0:1 - the club quickly rehabilitated, beating Voronezh “Fakel” with a minimal margin of one goal.

The following games were held without a single defeat - thanks to such successful results, the team even for a while took the lead in the NFL standings. And of course, the most notorious match was literally “beating children” - without compromising with Rostov, whose players fell ill with coronavirus, Sochi defeated the pupils of Rostov Academy with a score of 10:1. Such unsportsmanlike behavior and unwillingness to compromise affected the karma of the players - and therefore, when they fell ill with coronavirus, they were awarded two technical defeats with the score 0:3 in each of the games.

Well, and of course, such a successful club could not do without famous players - the best representatives of Sochi soccer we have collected in the following selection:

  • Anton Zabolotny
  • Alexander Kokorin
  • Andrey Mostovoi
  • Igor Gorbunov
  • Nikita Burmistrov
  • Christian Noboa

Обзор футбольной команды Сочи

Sochi matches and main achievements

The team exists relatively recently, especially when compared to legendary clubs like Zenit, Spartak, CSKA. Despite this, FC Sochi matches are always interesting and exciting, and they have already managed to achieve a good result. During the existence of the team, they managed to win the Second League twice, after which they were followed only by second place in both the First League and the RPL.

There is no guarantee of unqualified victories in the coming seasons, but the fans are definitely hoping for a positive result in future matches - and if you are among them, support Sochi online, watching their successes and ingenious maneuvers with the help of the broadcast on our website.

Where to watch Sochi matches?

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Which Sochi matches can I watch on 1win?

1win bk tries to give players the opportunity to bet on all possible matches that are played in the RPL. Therefore, you can find all Sochi matches in the sports betting section right on the site. Plus, it’s worth noting that you’ll see not only the upcoming games, but also those that will take place in the future, which will help you plan your time better and make sure you don’t miss a match!

Who were the best at Sochi matches?

If you want to know the most outstanding players in the team’s lineup over time, we’re ready to give you a clue. Despite the fact that the club’s history isn’t as long as we’d like to think, there have been many notable players who have played Sochi matches at the top of their game: Christian Noboa (36 goals), Maxim Barsov (22 goals), Artur Yusupov (18 goals), Anton Zabolotny (14 goals), Mateo Cassierra (14 goals).

Which Sochi matches will fans remember for a long time?

Surely the team’s fans remember not only FC Sochi’s calendar, but also the landmark matches they played, as many saw the team’s matches with their own eyes right at the stadium. As it seems, some of the most memorable matches were the games played by the team right after promotion. Sochi have always had a pretty good start to the season and the fans know it!

What stadium is Sochi playing their last games in?

Don’t let the fact that the team is quite young confuse you, they have a great stadium that fans will fill many times to watch Sochi FC matches. Fisht holds as many as 44,287 fans, which is a pretty solid figure and not even all the big-name clubs can boast such a home stadium.