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Once the cries of “Spartak Champion!” could be heard almost from every iron, but now things at this soccer club are much more deplorable - recently Spartak has been playing uncertain matches, losing to their main rivals for the championship. Even though they have managed to qualify for the European Cup - this cannot be counted as an achievement for such a great team.

Although, if you look at their results there, you can definitely say that they are doing better there than in the RPL. In recent years, they managed to take not the last places, as well as go to the playoffs, which once again proves that there is still powder in the powders, the main thing is to find the right approach. Watch Football Spartak’s fans are not always happy, as the team has often stumbled in recent years, let’s take a closer look at what the situation is now for the Moscow club, as well as think about what could be waiting for them next.

Футбольный клуб Спартак

Spartak matches - surprises for fans

To date, “Spartak” may be in an unenviable position in the Russian Football Championship, but it is still too early to write this soccer club off - after all, the team has upcoming games that could significantly affect the position of the club, but again, it should be understood that without the hard work of the coaching staff with the team nothing will happen.

In past matches in the Russian Championship, Spartak has already lost to teams such as “Rubin”, “Nizhny Novgorod”, and “Sochi” - however managed to beat Krylia Sovetov and secure a draw against Arsenal Tula. Based on this we can understand that the club’s results are extremely mixed, as they say, we lose the unplayable and vice versa, but that’s why we love Spartak’s recent matches. Spartak’s game is definitely not flawless - but nevertheless, the soccer club is capable of giving even the grands a fight, and therefore St. Petersburg and other clubs from Moscow may have a tough time in the upcoming battle, so it will be much more interesting to follow!

And now let’s take a look at the history of this legendary club, where you can learn something you didn’t even realize and watching Spartak Moscow matches will be much more interesting, especially if you’re just getting to know this team from Moscow.

History of Spartak Football Club

The history of this loudly proclaiming soccer club deserves a special mention - after all, the original squad (though under a different name) was created in the XIX century! At that time the club was called “RGO “Sokol”, and the first successes began under the auspices of the Russian Gymnastic Society.

In the two thousand years, under the auspices of Oleg Romantsev, Spartak was considered the most successful club in Russian soccer, continuing to take a huge number of prizes in the championships and proving its status by beating almost every team it met on its way. However, after 2004, when Leonid Fedun took over as coach, the team stagnated - and Spartak failed to win a single title for 10 years, which significantly shattered the status of this team against other soccer clubs.

However, no matter how sad the results of the Moscow team were, any club has experienced ups and downs in one way or another - and therefore it is better to remember the good things by refreshing the memory with the most iconic players of the team that ever took part in its activities. Here we have gathered the most important players in the “history of the new time” of the Red-Whites - but keep in mind that there were many more great players in the team, and there will be, we are sure, even more:

  • Nemanja Vidic
  • Dmitri Parfenov
  • Egor Titov
  • Welliton
  • Alex
  • Dmitry Sychev
  • Stipe Pletikosa

No matter how the upcoming matches will end, and no matter what results one of the most famous Moscow teams will show, we can only say one thing - both its fans and ordinary soccer fans will definitely not be bored! We are definitely expecting colorful games with a lot of goal moments, and to enjoy them live is definitely worth a lot - and therefore, we advise you not to miss these important confrontations and watch them in the online broadcast, which will be available on our website.

Spartak Football Team Review

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Where does Spartak play their matches now?

Despite the not so good results in the RPL, the team still retains its home ground and Spartak plays its matches there. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to see them in the European Cup, no matter how much we want to, but that’s no reason to be upset, because the club is gaining momentum, so there will be surprises!

Where can I find the Spartak calendar so I know when to watch a match?

Thanks to the extensive betting lineup at 1win, you can always see when your favorite club is playing. All you have to do is search for Spartak - Match Schedule on the Spartak website, all this information is in the Sports section, where you can immediately make a prediction for a particular match.

Which stadium does Spartak play matches at?

At the moment all Spartak matches are played at Lukoil Arena, where every fan can find a seat. The capacity of this stadium is just over 45,000, which creates an incredible atmosphere at each of the team’s RPL matches.

What are the most iconic honors Spartak have taken home?

Spartak’s recent matches have looked extremely lackluster and this problem has been going on for a number of years, however, there is no denying the fact that this is a legendary club with a huge number of achievements! Among the most important and weighty can be noted: 22 USSR/Russian Championships, victory in the Super Cup of Russia - 2017, semi-finalist of the UEFA Tournaments - 1997/98, 1992,93, 1990/91.