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FC Ufa: information about the team

Russian soccer surprises fans and every year the level of athletes continues to grow, new transfers are made, new teams are created. Watch soccer has certainly become many times more interesting, because there are teams that have appeared recently, but are already quite a strong link in the soccer life in the country.

Soccer Club Ufa was founded in 2010 on the basis of the club “Bashinformsvyaz-Dinamo”. For its short history, the team has managed to achieve some successes, which we will talk about further, so if you are a fan of the club and like to watch FC Ufa matches, then stay tuned!

Матчи Уфа: краткий обзор

Ufa: matches from FNL to RPL

It is clear that the club did not immediately begin to achieve great success and the first matches Ufa played in the FNL, where in the first season they managed to show good soccer and according to the results took 6th place, earning the proud title of the best newcomer to the league. It happened in 2012 at an extraordinary meeting of the FNL meeting, where Ufa was accepted into the league instead of Dynamo from Bryansk, which is not a bad result for just 2 years of the team’s existence, you must agree. FC Ufa matches gathered a lot of fans around them: someone watched soccer on the phone, and someone liked to go to the stadium and watch their idols live.

After 2 years again and in the season 2013/14 Ufa played extremely well, which allowed them to reach the 4th place and get the opportunity to play in the knockout matches. There they met Tomya, who they successfully beat and won their first ticket to the most prestigious championship of Russia - RPL.

Where to watch FC Ufa matches?

Despite the fact that in 2024 the team will be playing in the second division, you can still cheer for your favorite club directly on 1win. Not only the Bundesliga online, but also many other championships that may interest you. In addition, it is also a good option to win real money on the bet, in addition, so watching becomes much more interesting!

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Where does FC Ufa play matches?

FC Ufa was founded in the Republic of Bashkortostan, and accordingly the team plays its home matches there. After they got into the RPL, they needed a decent stadium and Neftyanik gladly coped with this task, because the capacity of the stadium is more than 15.000, which is not bad for such a team.

What are the main achievements of FC Ufa?

The history of the club is really not too long, because it was created only in 2010. Despite this, the team has had a lot of interesting moments, including getting into the European Cup. In addition to them, among the significant ones we can definitely note: reaching the semi-finals of the Russian Cup 2016/17, 6th place in the RPL 2017/18, 4th place in the FNL 2013/14.

Who has made FC Ufa matches even more entertaining?

The most effective player of the club is Silverstr Igbun, a foreign goal scorer who managed to score 27 goals for the team and make FC Ufa matches even more entertaining for all fans. Considering the fact that the team is not even 20 years old yet, this is an expected figure that will definitely be beaten in the future!

Where can I see the FC Ufa calendar?

If you are in any doubt as to when FC Ufa matches are played, then feel free to take a look at the wide lineup from 1win. There you will be able to see the exact date and time of the match, and then place a bet and enjoy watching the match in excellent quality right on the BC website. The information is updated frequently, so you won’t miss anything!