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FC “Zenit”

Oh, it is hard in the present time to meet a Russian who knows nothing about such a soccer club as Zenit. What is worth only “handwork” from Dzyuba, the club’s striker, thanks to which all the attention of soccer fans was completely focused on this player and his club - good thing, for playing with his hand in this moment no one gave a red card to the striker. Watch soccer many are ready just for Zenit and this is already an indicator that the team has a great history, with which we are ready to introduce you today!

FC Zenit: a brief overview

More seriously, Zenit are currently one of the most successful soccer clubs in Russia - and have continued to confirm this status for many years. “White-Blue” may have had some success earlier, but up to 2018 and up to our time, they impose the struggle to any team and continue to win, which clearly gives the team points of prestige.

History of soccer club “Zenit”

The history of “Zenit” dates back to 1925 - that’s when this soccer club got its start by organizing soccer teams of the physical culture club of the Leningrad metal factory. In the championship of their city, held in 1931, the team was already able to take third place, and then debuted in the championship of the USSR in 1936, defeating Moscow “Lokomotiv” with a score of 7:1 in 1/32 finals. In the following years, the team continued to figure out their strategy for the game, and to improve their skills - and the result of this today is the recognition of Zenit as one of the best soccer clubs in Russia.

For such a large amount of time, the following notable players have managed to make their mark in the game for Zenit:

  • Alexander Anyukov
  • Domenico Criscito
  • Konstantin Zyryanov
  • Hulk (no, not the Marvel superhero)
  • Aleksandr Kerzhakov
  • Andrey Arshavin
  • Anatoly Tymoschuk

And many other equally popular and skillful professional athletes.

Trophy List

It would also not be superfluous to look at the list of trophies that any club can boast of! Among the awards there is the UEFA Cup and even the UEFA Super Cup, which clearly shows us that Zenit is not a passing team. Clearly, at that time the squad was simply unrivaled, but even now the club should not complain about the quality of its players.

  • Champion of the USSR/Russia (5 times) - 1984, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2015.
  • USSR/Russia Cup Winner (4 times) - 1944, 1999, 2010, 2016
  • Winner of the USSR/Super Cup of Russia (5 times) - 1985, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016
  • Premier League Cup winner - 2003
  • UEFA Cup Winner - 2007/08
  • Winner of the UEFA Super Cup - 2008

Nevertheless, St. Petersburg residents, as well as fans from other cities (and even countries!) believe in the success of the Bilo-Syni - and we advise you to watch the performance of this attractive team with us by watching the live broadcast of the upcoming match on our website. By the way, you can also capitalize on Zenit’s success, as bookmaker 1win has the highest odds for the upcoming game!


Where does Zenit play their matches now?

Hardly anyone was going to argue about the greatness of the club from St. Petersburg and it is not surprising, because everyone has heard or could watch the game of this team. Unfortunately, so far we do not see the team from St. Petersburg in the European Cup, but it is rather a matter of time, because the team can return to the former heights with proper persistence.

FC Zenit calendar is not as tight as many European teams, and they consistently perform well in three tournaments: Russian Premier League, Russian Cup, Russian Super Cup. Somewhere they manage to achieve more tasty results, somewhere victories are more difficult, but despite this St. Petersburg residents, as well as fans from other cities (and even countries!) believe in the success of the Bilo-Syni.

RPL to watch online today few people want to watch, because most matches simply turned into FNL, but despite this true fans never miss the matches of the team, and we advise you to watch the performance of this attractive team with us by watching the live broadcast of the upcoming match on our website. By the way, you can also capitalize on Zenit’s success - bookmaker 1win gives the highest odds for the upcoming game!

Zenit matches: how to bet?

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Has Zenit ever won a match in the European Cup?

Of course, the team from St. Petersburg not only won matches, but also earned trophies. Back in the 2007-2008 season the team managed to show simply incredible performance, thanks to which they managed to take 2 significant trophies, which are still not ashamed to talk about! Almost without any problems St. Petersburg managed to win the UEFA Cup final in 2007 and then the Super Cup in 2008.

Who is the most prolific player in Zenit’s history?

Alexander Kerzhakov is the club’s all-time top scorer, with 179 goals in 386 games. Despite the fact that this is quite a good result, Artem Dzyuba is almost equal to the leader of the list and is only a few goals behind him.

How many times has Zenit managed to win the RPL in the club’s history?

Zenit’s matches in every season were long-awaited, but unfortunately their triumphs on the soccer fields of Russia faded into oblivion after 2015, when St. Petersburg managed to win the RPL for the last time. In total, the club managed to do it 5 times: in 1984, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2015. We believe that despite all the difficulties, we will still be able to see Zenit in their best form more than once!

Where can I see the Zenit match schedule?

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