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CSKA Football Club

One of the most titled clubs in Russian history, currently CSKA cannot boast impressive results in football matches.

At the moment, this team sits in 4th place in the Russian Football Championship, sharing 20 points alongside another famous football club - Dinamo. Nevertheless, Dinamo, with equal number of points, are placed one place higher - trivially due to the fact that in a personal meeting held a couple of months ago, one Muscovites managed to beat the other 2-1, which guaranteed Dinamo the 3rd place in the group.

However, it can’t be said that CSKA is doing badly - the club’s games are on a noticeable upswing right now, as evidenced by recent wins over Zenit Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Ural. In all these matches the Moscow club beat their opponents dry, and from Izhevsk “Zenit” and did not leave a wet spot, scoring in his gate as much as 4 goals! This result in the Russian Cup and Russian Football Championship can guarantee fans of one of the oldest football clubs excellent money-making opportunities - especially if bets are placed at 1win on the best terms and conditions among many other bookmakers.

Футбольный клуб ЦСКА

History of CSKA football club

By the way, the history of “CSKA” is extremely interesting and multifaceted - the team began its existence as early as 1911, and for more than a century continues to adapt, change, and develop new tactics to achieve bigger victories. From 1971 to 1991, the team had a very strong decline, and for 20 years it could not take the leading places in the championships, but by the 2000s, the football club began to conquer new heights and take the leading places again. By 1992, the Moscow club managed to snatch victory from the reigning Champions League champions Barcelona. In the match, thanks to a 3-2 result, the team qualified for the group stage, but did not play in the Champions League afterwards.

CSKA - line-up of players

Such a famous team is known not only for its achievements, but also for the players who played for it in different periods of time. Here are the most famous of them:

  • Vasily Berezutsky
  • Yuri Zhirkov
  • Elvir Rahimic
  • Mario Fernandez
  • Wagner Love
  • Seydou Doumbia
  • Igor Akinfeev

ФК ЦСКА: краткий обзор

Where to watch CSKA matches today?

The excellent betting conditions and full online viewing options will come in handy very soon - CSKA will fight for points against Krylia Sovetov on 23 October, then face Metallurg Lipetsk on the 27th, and another formidable opponent in the form of FC Sochi on the 6th of November.

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How has CSKA been performing in recent matches?

On the whole, the team is performing quite well, even taking into account the fact that the squad has left a lot of big-name players who once made the result and it’s hard to argue with that. Now CSKA matches are being won by young athletes who show a great level of play and a desire for more victories. If the club continues to perform in the same spirit, they have every chance to become the best in the RPL.

Where can I see CSKA’s game calendar?

You can always keep track of what CSKA matches are waiting for you on our platform, we try to provide the most up-to-date information that will be useful for every football fan in Russia. You can find not only CSKA matches to look forward to, but also games of other teams you can follow.

Can CSKA matches help me make money?

Luckily yes, you can always cheer yourself up and bet on your favourite team’s match with 1win. In addition to making predictions on CSKA matches, you can also watch the online broadcast in excellent quality and without freezing, which immerses you in the process to the max and that’s something to be excited about!

Who is the top scorer in all CSKA matches?

Grigory Fedotov is a really cool and strong footballer who helped CSKA win matches in his time. He managed to score as many as 137 goals in 177 matches, which is a pretty good figure in the RPL. For example, his closest pursuer - Wagner Love scored only 124 goals in 259 matches! You have to agree, there is a difference.